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Northcliffe Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Our dedicated physio clinic at Northcliffe Golf Club is run by John Cockram and provides a wide range of Physiotherapy & Sports Massage services, utilising manual therapy treatements & evidenced based practice to deliver highly effective results.  The clinic also specialises in golf specific physio and golf performance working in partnership with the Head Golf Professional.


If you’re suffering from a golf-related injury or pain, and it’s preventing you from playing at your best, our golf-specific physio treatments are perfect for you. Our treatments work in much the same way as regular physio, but with a golf bias. Our Titlesit Performance Institute (TPI) certified physios will work with you to resolve any issues first and get you back on the course. We can then advise you on ways to also improve your performance via our specialist golf performance services.


Using the advanced TPI physical screening process, our specialist physio will look to identify specific movements or areas of limitation or weakness that could be preventing you from achieving your best golfing performance. During this screening process, we can formulate a plan of exercises, gym workouts or hands-on physio to improve these physical aspects, thus improving your Golfing Performance.

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After a thorough history and examination I came away feeling positive about improving my mobility and health. Can not recommend John enough. Very professional and put me at ease and made me think that I can get to where I need to be if I follow the exercise plan he has given me.

(Diane Moffatt - January 2020)

My back and shoulder problems have improved dramatically after just two sessions with John. 

John examines first, explains the problem, treats the injury and then sends you home with a plan of strengthening and stretching exercises, he's very thorough and his enthusiasm for getting you mended shines out, he basically helps you to help yourself!  I would definitely recommend!!

(Andy Scully - January 2020)

Working with you for a short while and the exercise and training programme you have given me is already starting to pay off.  I’ve had a golf lesson today and all the figures are showing an increase in ball speed and distance. It’s great to see and thank you for the very specific areas we are working on. Excellent job John thanks

(Chris Foster - January 2020)

I first met John about 3 months back when I took my mum to see him. She was visiting and had was in dreadful discomfort. He was excellent and really thorough. Needless to say, Mum was very happy.

I have been struggling on and off with an issue for almost 4 weeks. I kept thinking it was going to improve, but time has gone by and it hasn’t. To the extent it was waking me up through the night and making me feel quite miserable. I rang John up, and he saw me today. I’m sat here on my sofa, having finished work at 9pm tonight and already feel tonnes better. The ‘ toothache’ nerve sensation I have been suffering down my left shoulder seems to have disappeared . It was a very thorough session today. After going through all the formalities, John massaged the affected area. Already I can’t believe the difference. I received my list of exercises to do in the meantime. I would highly recommend John. He makes you feel at ease, very professional and has a great sense of humour too.

(Samantha Deen - January 2020)

I have been to see John for 2 appointments so far and the pain in my back, shoulders and neck has greatly improved. I have suffered on and off for many years and have never had much success with previous treatment. I am delighted with the great improvement I’ve already benefited from. Another appointment booked! Highly recommended.

(Sarah Radivan - January 2020)

100% the best physio I've ever been to.. having had several injuries over the years I have had my fair share of physiotherapy treatment. I snapped my patella tendon a year ago and I have really struggled lately with muscle wastage and weakness.. John's lower limb assessment was extremely thorough.. he quickly identified the problem and gave me plenty of advice and exercises to do in order to get me back to normal.. his enthusiasm and assurance that with a bit of work and help from himself I can be fully fit again was exactly what I needed to spur me on.. cant recommend him enough.
(Danny Kenehan - November 2019)

Having been discharged from the NHS with minimal physio after sales, asked John to help, best decision, very thorough and has found the way forward, work in progress, thanks John.
(Tim Stayman - November 2019)

Very happy with service had my 1st session, helped me a lot on my back next day felt a lot better will be going again thanks John.
(Paul Dewhirst - October 2019)

I have had a lot of pain in my right shoulder for some time. But after seeing John for two sessions and doing the exercises he asked me to do throughout the week I am now seeing a big improvement’
(Tony Spivey - October 2019)

Very professional and thorough. He identified a couple of areas that need work to improve and develop the golf swing.   Looking forward to working with John who obviously knows his stuff especially with the golf swing mechanics. 

If you are serious about golf and want to explore every avenue to find an advantage John is your man. 
(Chris Foster - October 2019)

I went to see John recently as a knee injury from the previous year is still causing me problems and affecting my golf play.
John was very professional and knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly.  He quickly identified my problem and suggested exercises and treatments,  to help with golf and general improvement of my problem. I felt very confident in following his advice.   To have the physio clinic at Northcliffe is really good, and as a golfer himself, John understands all the physical needs required for golf.  I would highly recommend him to others, and hope his business at Northcliffe continues to develop well.
(Anne Davy - September 2019)

John spent time listening to me in order to understand my back story and future needs. He then talked through his analysis of what I had described and his plan of action. He then worked on the areas causing discomfort and gave me some exercises to do at home. I left feeling more flexible and with the confidence to continue working at home. I would definitely recommend him and will be back.
(Deane Narayn-Lee - August 2019)

I recently used the expertise of the physio based at Northcliffe Golf club for a shoulder problem preventing me from playing golf. I found John's encouragement and professionalism helped me to have the confidence to use the exercises daily which did solve my disability. I thoroughly recommend him to club members should they have any physical problems.
(David Benson - August 2019)

Have had three sessions from John for lower back pain, gives you a thorough examination and action plan of exercises. Would highly recommend John.
(Alan Smith - July 2019)

Injured back badly, disc issue.  One visit and a program of exercises and back playing golf in no time. Very thorough and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation in recommending John
(Dom Collis - July 2019)

Been to see John around 4 weeks ago due to tension in my back and shoulders, the difference from the 1.5 hour sessions has been remarkable and the results speak for itself. Gone from 0.9 to +0.5 in 3 weeks and continues to improve. Would highly recommend John for future clients as I will be returning for further treatment in a few weeks.
(Jordan Clements - June 2019)

What a great find Northcliffe  physiotherapy was. After 4 weeks suffering with a trapped nerve in my neck and after just 1 session with John the pain is already reducing and I am so much more mobile than I was.  John has a wealth of knowledge and really does know his stuff, fully explaining everything as he goes along.  I left with plenty of exercises to do inbeteeen appointments to help, Thanks John Cockram!
(Claire Shinkins - June 2019)

My husband Paul had some treatment for a sore neck, pain level was a 10 but after seeing John pain was at 0. Very thorough, cannot recommend him highly enough.
(Basia Devenney - February 2019)

I had suffered from a very painful neck injury for some time and playing golf had made it even worse.  Northcliffe's Golf Professional recommended I should go see John.
John was very professional in his approach asking many questions and examining my neck area before he recommended the type of exercises that would help my recovery.  I had to be patient but by doing the exercises on a daily basis my neck slowly improved to the point where I'm now back playing golf and enjoying it.
If anyone has a golf related injury or just a 'normal' injury I would recommend going to see John
(Paul Barwick - October 2018)

Saw John last week for an elbow issue.  I was treated for tennis elbow, feels so much better straight away. Would definitely Recommend!!
(Rob Firth - September 2018)

Highly recommend John.  Over a couple of sessions  he sorted out a long term knee injury that's been going on for years.
(Darren Moffat - August 2018)

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